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Brake Repair Willoughby Hills

Why you should Flush your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, while in use, can pick up moisture. How does this happen? Brake fluid, by its nature, tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere around your car, usually through the brake hoses or master cylinder reservoir. We are the #1 Brake Repair Willoughby Hills has to offer!

When moisture contaminates your brake fluid, it lowers its boiling point. This means that contamination could cause a boil and release vapor into your braking system. If vapor contaminates your system, you could be looking at a brake pedal that pushes too low or simply doesn’t work at all.

If you have ABS brakes, a moisture problem in the braking system could result in thousands of dollars of needed repairs. If your brake fluid reaches high enough temperatures while contaminated with moisture, it can make your brake fluid into an acidic substance. This acid can break down the components of your braking system, and cause damage that will destroy the brake system module.

As car manufacturers have seen this as a problem, they have added brake fluid maintenance to most vehicles’ suggested scheduled maintenance.

Did You Know? About Disc Brakes

NASCAR star Richard Petty once said, “If you’ve got good brakes you can stay out of a lot of trouble.” If your brakes are making strange noises or your brake pedal is too soft or firm, let us have a look at your disc braking system. We’ll inspect it top to bottom and let you know what needs to be to fix it back up again!

Let our ASE certified technicians at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair perform this important safety service for you today.

Power Brake Repair Near Me

Power brakes are exactly what they sound like – they provide extra power to your braking system so it isn’t your foot and brake pedal doing all the work.

Hydraulic pressure at the wheel is how your braking system stops your car. When in use, the brake pedal takes power from the booster and the vacuum of the engine. The pressure created forces the brake fluid through the master cylinder and down to the hoses at each individual brake.

If there is a problem with your brakes, it generally is because of a leak in one of the hoses. The master cylinder could be leaking, or it could be a problem with a fitting or a hose itself. If the brake fluid can escape through a leak in the system, your stopping power could be reduced dramatically, or you may not be able to stop at all.

Any decrease in stopping power or a loose or squishy brake pedal are signs of a problem that needs to be addressed right away. There are, however, some things you can do to make sure your power braking system stays in great shape.

First, you’ll want to make sure that your brake fluid is topped off to the appropriate level at all times. If your master cylinder has low brake fluid, it could mean worn parts or a leak somewhere. These leaks can be avoided by making sure all parts are in good shape and replacing the brake fluid at regular intervals. Corrosion can damage braking components, and brake fluid has additives that can protect against this corrosion.

As we discussed, brake fluid does tend to attract moisture, which can lead to rust. Beyond that, water in the braking fluid can dilute it, leading to a decrease in stopping power. When your brakes reach a high enough temperature, the steam released by water in the brake fluid decreases the hydraulic pressure and your ability to stop.

If you are worried about your power brakes and the ability to stop your vehicle, the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH are here to help.

Drum Brake Repair Willoughby Hills OH

Having a properly working braking system is essential to the safety of not just yourself, but every other driver on the roads here in Willoughby Hills. In cars with drum braking systems, a drum that spins with the wheel houses all the components of the braking system. When the brake pedal is in use, the brake shoes extend from the drum and use friction to slow the vehicle.

As you can imagine, brake shoes wear down over time. The friction from stopping your vehicle breaks them down, and replacing them is an easy, straightforward process.

If you hear squealing or grinding when using your brakes, get your car into the bays at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair. We will check your entire drum brake system to see where the problem lies and will discuss with you just what needs to be done to fix it.

Some drivers tend to ignore these warning signs and drive with worn brake shoes. This can cause friction between the metal parts in the brake drum, causing damage. If the problem is ignored long enough, the drum may need resurfacing or replacing.

When we install new brake shoes on your vehicle, we make sure the entire braking system is concurrent with manufacturer recommendations. We can also upgrade your braking system with specialized parts that will not only increase your stopping power, they also reduce brake noise and dust. We can work with you to get your brakes in tip-top shape while also staying within your budget.

Keeping up with your brakes keeps them working safely, and prevents the need for costly repairs down the line. At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair we have the best brake repair in Willoughby Hills, OH and we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Call us today.

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