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Your car’s electrical system and battery power every single electronic component in your vehicle, from the windows to the wipers to the radio. The experts at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, take the time to better explain the electrical system in your car, and what each part does.

Your car’s battery is tasked with providing the power necessary to crank – or turn on – your vehicle. And when your car is in high demand mode for electricity, it can provide some backup power as well. Your car’s battery produces chemical reactions that send electrons through the conductors, which, in turn, produces the electricity your car needs to crank and run.

Charging System
Your car’s charging system is probably the most important part of the entire electrical system. The charging system has three main parts: the alternator, a voltage regulator, and electrical circuits. The alternator is charged with recharging your car’s battery after it starts, and supplying power to various other systems. The voltage regulator, as you might expect, controls the voltage, making sure it stays within certain safe parameters.

Starting System
The starting system consumes more electrical power than any other system in your vehicle. It contains three major parts that must work together to start your car: the starter relay or solenoid, the ignition switch, and the starter motor. The ignition switch activates the starter solenoid, which in turn gets the starter motor going. The starter motor turns over the engine until the car jumps to life.

Your car’s main job is to get your car started. It also stores power produced by the alternator and helps to power the various other electrical parts of your vehicle while you drive. If you want to keep your car battery in great shape, you should regularly check the alternator belt for damage and remove any corrosion from the battery connectors and cables.

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It can get cold in Willoughby Hills, OH, and that is good news for your car’s battery. Car batteries tend to last far longer in cold weather than in warm. Our techs can test your car’s battery at any time to determine how much capacity it has left and how long it will last. At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, we only use quality NAPA replacement parts.

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