Does My Car Really Need A Diagnostic Check?

Yes, your vehicle really needs a diagnostic check in many cases. This service helps Willoughby Hills Auto Repair determine quickly why your automobile is not running as it should be. This saves you money in the end, as we can quickly isolate a problem and fix it without added diagnostic time. Let’s look at diagnostic checks to explain why they have become a crucial part of the automotive service industry.

Vehicle Computers

You might not know this but vehicles have used computer chips since 1968 – well, at least VWs have. In 1968, the engineers at Volkswagen included a computer chip in the engine’s design to control a new electronic fuel injection system that Bosch manufactured. This began a revolution in automobile manufacturing and computer chips became commonplace in vehicle system operations.

Today, your car, truck or SUV is equipped with computer chips throughout that report back to a main system. When you start your vehicle, the onboard computer checks all system chips to ensure everything is in safe operating order. Then, as you drive, the onboard computer keeps the lines of communication open to make necessary adjustments in each vehicle system or alert you of a problem.

Computers and Diagnostics

If something does go wrong, you will be alerted through a dashboard warning light, such as your check engine light, and an accompanying sound. In newer vehicles, the dashboard will have a check engine light and then additional lights for numerous systems, such as the anti-lock brake system and radiator. The light that illuminates tells us which system is experiencing trouble but that’s all it does.

We need to isolate the issue within the system and this is where a diagnostic check comes in. When you bring your vehicle in for repair, we will hook up the onboard computer to our diagnostic machine and run a test of all systems. The computer will check each system and return data in the form of codes. Included in these codes are error codes that we can use to isolate an exact problem.

For example, imagine you are driving to work and your check engine light comes on. You pull over to safety, turn on your hazards and check the gas cap. It’s on tight, so you bring your vehicle into our shop. We hook up your car to our diagnostic machine and the returned error code tells us your oxygen sensor is dead. Boom. Done. We know immediately what we need to do, we fix it, and you’re on your way.

Does your car really need a diagnostic check? It might, but we promise we won’t do one unless it’s necessary or you request it. We are Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, and you can reach us at 440-497-0999.

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