Electrical Diagnostics

electrical diagnostics

Why You Should Have An Electrical System Analysis

Today’s vehicles and their electronic systems require a steady, strong current of electricity to operate. If your electrical current waivers or simply isn’t there at all, your check engine light could activate, your car could stall, or you might have malfunctions in your onboard computers (things like AC, ABS brakes, etc.):

If you are attempting to diagnose a problem with the starting system, it will require several tests. A “starter draw test” can tell if your car’s starter is drawing more power than necessary to get your engine turned over. A “circuit test” checks the other electrical components and their ability to provide current.

Your car’s battery needs to be able to hold enough charge to power the engine and get it to turn over. That’s what the vehicle’s charging system is in charge of. The voltage regulator, drive belt, and alternator comprises the charging system, and these pieces work together with your battery to provide enough electricity for your car to function and to continuously charge your battery for the next start.

If you’ve got a dead battery caused by an electrical drain, you can bet either a short circuit, a bad piece of your charging system, or over-charging, a mechanical failure, are at fault. To get an accurate diagnosis of the problem, however, you’ll need Willoughby Hills Auto Repair’s experienced technicians to take a look. Our team can conduct a charging test to pinpoint the problem and are delicate enough to repair any damage without further harm to your electrical system.

Your car’s battery stores electricity and provides the power to get you moving, but that’s really about it. On just your car’s battery running alone, you probably won’t make it more than a few miles. Your car relies on its alternator to constantly be generating enough power to not only charge your vehicle’s battery but also to keep your various electronic equipment running while you drive. So when your alternator malfunctions or wears out, you won’t be able to generate that power and your trip is going to be cut majorly short.

What causes an alternator to fail? In most cases, like all mechanical parts, they simply just get old and break down. The serpentine belt that runs your alternator spins three times faster than your engine, so you can see how a part like that might wear out. Not only does the alternator itself wear out, the bearings and magnetic coils that generate the electricity break down as well.

If your alternator isn’t working as it should, it isn’t a problem you can put off. A dead alternator will leave you waiting for a tow truck, so why not have the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, take a look? Our team of ASE Certified alternator experts can get your electronics back humming again, and make sure you never have a problem getting your car started. Make an appointment today.

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