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engine repair

Vehicles today are equipped with engine control systems designed to help with keeping your car in line with federal emissions and exhaust standards. Unlike older cars, though, these systems do not need regular upkeep to work correctly. The only engine services that remain necessary are filter and spark plug replacements (as well as oil changes, but that is another page), and the “tune-up” of the past is all but dead.

Engine Control Computer Willoughby Hills OH

Your engine control computer receives information from all over your car in the form of electrical signals that indicate how well the car is performing. Based on this internal information, instructions are sent to three main systems – the ignition system, the fuel system, and the emission regulation system.

There are sensors that monitor these systems as well. Among them are:

  1. Mass Airflow Sensor
  2. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  3. Throttle Position Sensor
  4. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  5. Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
  6. Coolant Temperature Sensor
  7. Crankshaft Position Sensor
  8. Camshaft Position Sensor

Of course, these are far from the only sensors in your vehicle, these are just the ones germain to this discussion.

Engine Repair and Maintenance Near Me

Ten care tips that will keep your motor running strong

When you treat your car like it should be treated, it, in turn, will be a great partner for years and miles ahead. When you start your car each time, you cause wear and tear to various engine parts. You can stave off the damage done by normal use with some simple preventative services. The pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, are providing ten tips on how to keep your car’s engine in great shape:

Get The Oil Changed – The single most important piece of preventative maintenance you can have performed on your car is the oil change. Recommended in most cars for between every 3,000 to 6,000 miles (it can be more or less depending on what you drive, how you drive, etc.), the oil change is the number one indicator of quality performance in your engine.

Get The Engine Cleaned – If your engine doesn’t look so good, chances are it doesn’t run so well either. A greasy, dirty engine will never run as efficiently as a pristinely cleaned one, as they tend to hold in heat, affecting performance. YOu can actually clean your engine yourself with a commercial degreaser. Just spray it on a cool engine and let it sit for two or three hours. Then simply rinse and your engine will be clean!

Get The Air Filter Replaced – Your air filter is designed to remove particulates and debris from the air, so you know it is going to get dirty eventually. Since these are often made from paper products, we recommend replacing your dirty air filter, rather than cleaning the existing one.

Only Original Parts – If we need to replace a part or parts in your engine, we only use original, top-quality parts. A mismatched or ill-fitting new part can tear an engine to shreds in a matter of minutes, but you never need to worry about that with Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

Only Use The Correct Fuel – Using the correct type of fuel is extremely important to the longevity of your engine. If your vehicle requires a higher grade of fuel and you use a lower grade, you can bet you’ll encounter a problem sooner rather than later. Also, cars should not be left idle without fuel additives as stale gasoline can become corrosive.

Check The Battery – No car battery is going to last forever. A quick check of your owner’s manual will tell you what milestone you’ll need to reach before a new battery is necessary. Making sure to occasionally check your battery for cracks or corrosion is another way to prolong its life.

Change The Belts – Most vehicles run on two main belts – the serpentine belt and the timing belt. These belts sustain damage over time due to regular wear and tear. Waiting until the belts break to have them replaced is always a bad idea, as it can cause major engine damage. Check your owner’s manual or have our techs recommend when you should have your belts replaced.

Have The Fluids Checked – Keeping your automotive fluids topped off and in good shape is a great way to prolong the life of your engine. Among the fluids you should keep an eye on are the power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and even the windshield wiper solution.

Get The Spark Plugs Replaced – Your spark plugs don’t need to be replaced often, but keeping up with them is a great way to make sure your engine lasts for as long as possible.

Don’t Ignore Small Problems – If you’ve heard a strange noise or your check engine light has been activated, don’t ignore it. Before small problems become big ones, get your car into the bays at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

If your engine needs service in Willoughby Hills, OH, trust the experts at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

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