Fluid Changes

fluid changes

THere are quite a few fluids running through your vehicle, and at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair, we are experts in all of them. Today, however, we will be focusing on the fluids in the heating & cooling systems, what they do, and how often they should be changed.

Heating & Cooling System Services

The number one cause of vehicles breaking down is the failure of the heating & cooling system. Keeping your heating & cooling system in great shape is important to the continued operation of your vehicle, so we are taking the time to break things down for you.

Your car’s engine, when running, can generate a whole lot of heat. That heat can actually work in favor of your engine, as it keeps the oil at the right temperature to keep the oil viscous and things humming along. Conversely, if the car’s engine gets too hot, it can overheat and cause major damage. If you feel like your car is close to overheating, or it has overheated a few times before, it is important to get the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair to check your heating & cooling systems before any further damage is done to your engine.

At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair, we suggest having your heating & cooling system regularly inspected to make sure things are working properly. Water pumps, hoses, thermostats, and even the radiator itself can wear out over time, so catching these things before they become a problem is always a good thing. If you have suspicions about your heating & cooling systems, the ASE Certified pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, will be happy to inspect your system and suggest any needed repairs.

Car Fluid Maintenance

Since your car has so many fluids running through it, you’ll want to have a good grasp on what each does and how often they need replacing or refreshing. Here is a quick guide to some of the automotive fluids that can be found in your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission fluid, also referred to as ATF, is solely responsible for keep your car’s automatic transmission cool as it runs. Keeping on top of when this fluid needs replacing can help you avoid some of the most expensive repair services we provide, so we recommend checking the owner’s manual for when your ATF needs to be changed. Usually red or green in color, these fluids darken when they have been in use for too long. In the same way old and dirty oil can actually harm your engine, old transmission fluid can actually hurt your automatic transmission. A transmission flush is a great way to keep your automatic transmission in pristine condition.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, a hydraulic fluid by nature, is used in helping your brakes slow and stop the vehicle. So you can see why it is such an important fluid in your vehicle. Brake fluid can pick up moisture as it ages. but this is an extremely slow process. We recommend having your brake fluid replaced every one to two years. If you find your brake fluid is low, that is almost always a sign of a problem with the vehicle. Bring it into Willoughby Hills Auto Repair and we’ll help find the problem.

Coolant (Anti-Freeze)

As you can imagine, the moving parts under your vehicle’s hood can get extremely hot. That’s where this coolant (anti-freeze) steps up to the plate. Though most car engines are considered to be “water cooled” at this point, straight, plain water isn’t enough to do the job alone. Instead, this coolant is basically water with additives thrown in to help your engine run. This coolant has a lubricant for the coolant pump as well, as well as additive that help prevent corrosion in your system. If you think things are running hot and you need a coolant flush, bring your car to Willoughby Hills Auto Repair today.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is perhaps the most important fluid in your vehicle – it lubricates and helps keep your engine cool. With that in mind, you must understand that regular motor oil changes are extremely important to the life of your vehicle. As oil is used, it begins to break down over time, collecting particulates from your engine. These particulates can cause wear and tear as your engine moves the oil around. A healthy oil filter can prevent most of this damage, but those, too, wear over time. Sticking with your car’s manufacturer’s guidance on how often to have your oil change will prevent most of these problems.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid, like brake fluid, is a hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system that makes turning the wheel of your car easier. As the parts of the power steering system wear down, dust and dirt can contaminate the power steering fluid. Your power steering pump can sustain serious damage from this contamination, and that is a costly repair. If you notice a change in how your vehicle handles and turns, bring it into Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, and let us do a full inspection.

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