Fuel System

Why You Should Perform a Fuel Injection and Air Induction Service

Since you purchased your new vehicle, dirt, varnishes, and carbon deposits have been forming on the fuel injectors, valves, combustion chamber, throttle housing, and the air induction intake. These build-ups can rob your vehicle of performance, and if left untreated, these buildups can lead to costly repairs.

Symptoms related to carbon build up are:

  • engine pinging
  • hesitation
  • poor acceleration
  • lack of power
  • hard starting and stalling
  • rough idle
  • poor fuel economy

Our Fuel Carbon Cleaning System is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicle’s fuel system and remove harmful carbon deposits. Our system uses a detergent that soaks into the carbon and softens it, so while running through the process the deposits are passed through the exhaust. The solution will not damage your vehicle’s sophisticated engine components.

After our Fuel Carbon Cleaning System cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration, and increased fuel economy.

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association recommends performing this service every 15,000 to 18,000 miles. Cleaning your vehicle’s fuel system is the best way to keep it driving as it should.

Let one of our ASE certified technicians perform this service for you today.

“After our Fuel Carbon Cleaning System cleans your engine, you will notice improved performance, acceleration, and increased fuel economy.”

Fuel Injector Cleaning At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair In Willoughby Hills

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Something we hear quite frequently from Willoughby Hills motorists is that their gas mileage is down and their sedan just doesn’t have the pep it used to. When that happens, one of the things we look for is clogged fuel injectors.

The engine management computer tells your fuel injectors exactly when to squirt fuel into your sedan engine. It is critical that clean fuel injectors spray the right amount of gasoline or diesel fuel in a nice, specific spray pattern. A dirty injector can’t spray enough fuel and it comes out in an uneven, weak pattern.

When Willoughby motorists’ fuel injectors are dirty or clogged, the fuel just can’t burn as efficiently, which causes gas mileage to drop. And your sedan engine can’t make as much power.

Fuel injectors just get dirty over time. Gas and diesel fuel cause varnish and gum to build up in your fuel injectors, especially if you buy bargain gas in Willoughby. If your fuel injectors get too dirty, they can be damaged and need to be replaced – which can be pretty pricey.

The good news is that a professional fuel injector cleaning at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills can get all that gunk out of your injectors. They’ll be able to spray the right amount of fuel, at exactly the right time, and in the right spray pattern. Your gas mileage will be restored in Willoughby along with your sedan engine performance. Fuel injectors are cleaned as part of a comprehensive fuel system cleaning that includes the induction system (throttle plates, intake manifold, idle air by-pass passages and, if applicable, the mass airflow sensor).

So ask your caring service specialist about fuel injector cleaning in Willoughby Hills at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair to get your engine running like new.

A Clean Fuel System In Willoughby Hills

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Hello Willoughby Hills drivers, let’s talk about your fuel system. Your sedan fuel system encompasses everything it takes to get fuel from your tank to your engine. Starting with your fuel pump, which is located in the tank, there are the fuel lines, fuel filter, throttle assembly and fuel injectors.

When all of these parts are clean, fuel flows at it should giving you good fuel efficiency and strong engine performance. But when your fuel injectors, valves and fuel intake are clogged or gummed up, your sedan engine doesn’t run as efficiently and performance and fuel efficiency suffer.

Now fuel just naturally gums stuff up over time. The government requires all fuel to have detergent in it to help clean your fuel system, but all fuel is NOT created equal. Willoughby Hills bargain fuel may just have the minimum amount of detergent to meet governmental requirements. Using good quality fuel that may have several times the minimum amount of detergent will help keep your sedan fuel system clean and put off the day when a professional Willoughby Hills Auto Repair fuel system cleaning is needed.

If your sedan has lost some of its zip, or is sputtering a bit, it could be a dirty fuel system. Your caring Willoughby Hills Auto Repair tech can check it out and tell you if it’s time for a fuel system cleaning. Hey, let the fuel flow and the good times roll.

Gasoline Direct Injection

My new car has a “GDI” engine. What does that mean to me and other Northeast Ohio motorists with this new type of engine?

Willoughby Hills Auto Repair Answer:
Gasoline Fuel Injector replacement cleaning Willoughby Ohio
GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection. It’s a type of fuel injection system that is becoming very popular on modern engines.

Let’s talk about the two most common forms of fuel injection. Port Fuel Injection has been common in Willoughby Hills for the last several decades.

With Port Fuel Injection, there is a small port just outside the cylinder on the engine:

  • The fuel injector squirts a bit of gas into this area just before the intake valve opens
  • When the valve opens, air enters the port and mixes with the gas and then flows passed the valve and into the engine
  • The gas and air mixture is compressed by the piston
  • The spark plug fires, igniting the gas which pushes against the piston thus powering the engine

With Gasoline Direct Injection the process is a bit different:

  • First, there is no port outside the cylinder
  • When the intake valve opens, air is drawn into the cylinder
  • The air is compressed by the piston
  • At the correct time, the engine management computer signals the fuel injector to spray gasoline directly into the cylinder (hence, Gas Direct Injection)
  • The pressurized gas and air are ignited by the spark plug, powering the engine

So why did automobile manufacturers move to GDI? Well, by injecting the gas directly into the engine, the management computer is able to time the injection event more precisely. Also the gas sprayed directly into the engine cools the compressed air enough to allow for better combustion. This adds up to more power and better fuel economy for a given engine size.

Now these two types of fuel delivery systems call for different kinds of fuel injectors. Port fuel injectors squirt their fuel at 40 to 65 pounds per square inch – that’s like the pressure in a bicycle tire.

GDI injectors operate at over 2,000 pounds per square inch. Of course it’s always important to keep your fuel injectors clean – but it’s even more essential for GDI injectors. When they become contaminated, the impact performance and fuel economy.

Speaking of fuel system cleaning, different cleaners and cleaning processes are required for GDI engines. Intake valves get a fair amount of carbon build-up over time. With port injection, some gasoline flows over the valve when it opens to let in the gas and air. This has a cleaning effect – which doesn’t occur with GDI. So pouring a bottle of fuel system cleaner in your gas tank will not reach the backside of those intake valves. A professional fuel system cleaning process at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills will take care of that concern for Willoughby Hills motorists.

So, GDI will continue to be more prevalent in OH on everything from compact cars to pick-up trucks. Ask your Willoughby Hills Auto Repair tech if your sedan could benefit from a fuel system cleaning.

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