My Battery Keeps Dying After I Jump-Start It

If your battery keeps dying after you jump-start it, Willoughby Hills Auto Repair advises that the battery needs to be replaced or the alternator is going bad. We are going to talk about the latter in this blog post. One of the things that the alternator does is keep the battery charged. Consequently, if the alternator is malfunctioning, your battery will discharge completely until it dies. This is just one sign that you have a bad alternator underneath the hood. Here are other signs.

Frequent Engine Stalling

Frequent engine stalling means that the alternator is also not supplying enough power to the spark plugs so they can produce sparks in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, this will cause your engine to misfire and, in severe cases, it will stall because it can no longer sustain combustion.

Growling/Whining Noises

Growling, grinding, or whining noises coming from the engine can be caused by the alternator and the alternator belt, respectively. The alternator will grind or growl if it is wearing down on the inside. The alternator belt will whine if it is loose and needs to be tightened or replaced.

Hot or Burning Electricity

The maximum voltage a car alternator should produce is 14.5 volts. Sometimes, when the alternator goes bad, it will produce more electricity than this and overheat your car’s electrical system. When this happens, you will smell burning electricity in the engine.

Malfunctioning Accessories

Your power accessories will also start to malfunction if the alternator is going bad. Examples include the car radio turning off by itself, the navigation system turning off by itself, and the power seats and windows slowing down or stopping completely.

Problems With the Lights

The alternator also helps to power your vehicle’s lights. As such, you will start to have problems with them if the alternator is malfunctioning. The most common problem is that the lights get so dim that it is hard to see. They may also be too bright or flicker.

Warning Light on the Dash

Finally, you may end up with the dashboard warning light that is directly related to the alternator. In the case of newer automobiles, this light is the battery light. In the case of older automobiles, this light either says ALT or GEN.

Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, is here to help, so call us today if you believe that your vehicle’s alternator needs to be replaced. We can test the alternator to make sure it has gone bad.

Photo by leran8310 from getty images via Canva Pro