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The single most important preventative maintenance service you can have performed on your car is also the simplest – the oil change. And when you get a full-service oil change at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair we will check your other filters and fluids as well. We may be able to pinpoint a developing problem, and we can suggest any repairs that might be needed to keep a small problem from becoming a big one.

Oil Change Willoughby Hills OH

Drivers in Willoughby Hills realize that so many things in their lives require regular maintenance – you brush your teeth, you wash your clothes, you paint your house. But too few drivers pay that kind of attention to their vehicles. Keeping up with regular maintenance and oil changes can mean the difference between a car that drives great and one that is sitting atop a tow truck, being dragged lifeless into the bays at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

So how do you get in the habit of keeping up with your oil changes and auto maintenance?

The key to competent car ownership is keeping up with your oil changes, and doing so should be a no-brainer. Why? Not only does fresh engine oil keep your car running great, but our ASE Certified techs will also check the rest of your system for problems while you’re in. Worn belt? We’ll suggest a replacement. Corroded battery covers? We can clean them up. Need fluids? We’ll top them off and look for a reason why they were low. They will even check your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule to see if you are due for any milestone services.

Oil & Lube Full Service

So when you bring your car to Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, for a full-service oil change, we will also spot-check your entire vehicle for problems. And you can always work with one of our service advisors on setting up a pain-free maintenance schedule that will help keep your car running and you and your passengers safe.

Oil Change Near Me

Did you know that if you neglect your oil changes, your oil will eventually turn into sludge? Yes, sludge… like petroleum jelly. And as you can imagine, that will cause a lot of damage to your engine if you let things get that far. That potential damage to your engine from this sludge should be reason #1 to get your oil changed on a regular basis. You can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see how long your car can go between oil changes, and you should follow those instructions to a T.

If you need help figuring out how many miles your car can go before it needs an oil change, the expert team of ASE Certified mechanics at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH can help you figure it out and design a maintenance schedule that is right for your car and budget. Make an appointment today!

$37.98Conventional Oil Change

$61.98Full Synthetic Oil Change

*100-point electronic inspection with details & pictures of the current health of your vehicle emailed to you. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars. Oil change includes up to 6 qts. of motor oil & new oil filter. Cannot combine with any other offer. Limited time offer.


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