Oil Change


The most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running for a long time is to perform regular oil changes. With a full-service oil change, your other fluids are checked and topped off, so you don’t run into problems from low fluids. Your technician may see a developing problem, and he’ll remind you of any other recommended maintenance. At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair, we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call, and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road.

Purpose: The oil filter sifts out contaminants, allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted. Should the oil filter become restricted or clogged with contaminants, they will flow around the filter. This bypassing is a safety mechanism, but you never want to let oil and filter changes go so long that bypassing occurs.

Check the owner’s manual to see if your driving habits are considered to be “severe service.” This type of driving requires more frequent oil changes, warns the Car Care Council. Has the oil changed accordingly, usually every 3-5,000 miles? For less wear and tear on the engine, drivers in cold climates (sub-zero driving temperatures) should drop their oil weight from 10-W30 to 5-W30.

It’s Not Just An Oil Change

Why should you change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles?

  • Even in today’s cars, oil is still the same and still breaks down. Your car still burns off oil, no matter how new the vehicle is.
  • We believe it’s better to have a clean engine internally than to go to the limit and developing sludge.
  • Getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles also gives you peace of mind knowing the vehicle will be inspected and possibly finding a problem that can prevent further damage and more costly repairs down the road.
  • Remember, we perform a complete 51-point courtesy check each time your vehicle is in. We will update you on your vehicle’s condition, from burnt-out light bulbs to battery strength to suspension wear.
  • You invest a lot of money in a new car! Changing oil every 3,000 miles gets your investment inspected an average of 4 times per year. Four times per year seems very little to protect an investment worth $20,000 & up!
  • Camshaft valve timing is controlled by oil pressure. Some cars use a Variable Valve Timing Solenoid to control timing. This solenoid has small screens that the oil travels through. Dirty oil will clog the screen and change the timing and the way the car performs. Trust us, we’ve seen it!

Why should you change your oil with Willoughby Hills Auto Repair?

  • We have ASE-certified technicians perform your oil service, inspect your vehicle and look out for your best interest.
  • If you go for the inexpensive oil change, you take the risk of not having a thoroughly trained technician looking for potential issues on your vehicle that may need attention.
  • We use semi-synthetic blend oil as our standard oil for our oil service.
  • We use a high-quality NAPA oil filter for your oil service.
  • We perform a complete 51-point courtesy check on each vehicle that comes in for an oil service.
  • We check and top off all your fluids, test the battery, look at brakes, tire condition, and tire pressure, inspect belts and hoses and suspension components, we even check the lights! Our technicians take their time to ensure your vehicle is treated as if it were one of their own.
  • Weather permitting, we will wash your vehicle for you as well.
  • We care about you, and we want to be your technicians for life. We value and appreciate your business. When you come here, you’re part of the family. We offer complimentary snacks and beverages in our waiting area. We will give you a ride home or work, then pick you back up when your vehicle is completed. If you need a car, we can schedule you for one of our free loaner vehicles.
  • You can expect to be treated the way you deserve to be treated when you do business with Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

The Maintenance Mindset: Full-Service Oil Change At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair

Willoughby people generally accept that many things in life require regular maintenance: their teeth, clothes, yards, and so on, but OH drivers often don’t apply the idea of maintenance to their vehicles.

If you never brush your teeth or go to the dentist, you’ll become painfully aware of your neglect when you get a big cavity. Once the damage is done, we learn our critical lesson and start to take better care of things.

Unfortunately, Willoughby Hills people too often learn the hard automotive lesson when they bring their vehicle to Willoughby Hills Auto Repair on a tow truck. So many times, a little routine maintenance would have prevented an expensive breakdown.

So how do Willoughby Hills drivers get into the habit of taking care of their sedans? It’s so easy to forget, not like cutting the grass, which you see every time you pull in the driveway.

Here’s something that will help: The key to good sedan maintenance starts with the oil change. Think about it – when you go in for a full-service oil change in Willoughby Hills, your caring Willoughby Hills Auto Repair service advisor will check all your fluids. If one of them is low, he can look for the reason why. If your serpentine belt is worn, he’ll see it and let you know. Corroded battery cable – they’ve got you covered. And they’ll check to see if your manufacturer has recommended any critical services at your current mileage.

The oil change becomes a focal point, a way to check in to see what needs to be done.
The fact is that vehicle inspection surveys consistently reveal that over 80% of vehicles have one or more unperformed repair or maintenance services. Vehicles are generally very reliable and can take a lot of abuse and neglect – but you can only press your luck so long.

So when you come into Willoughby Hills Auto Repair for an oil change, you get a visual inspection of your car and a reminder for recommended services so you can avoid a total failure. And remember that your service advisor can help you work out a maintenance and repair plan for your sedan, prioritizing and scheduling the work to make sure you and your family are safe and avoid expensive breakdowns.

In addition to full-service oil changes, at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair we also offer brakes, tires and tires.

Severe Service Oil Change Maintenance Schedule

Customers at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair are surprised to learn that there are actually two service schedules for their vehicles. One is the regular schedule, and the other is the severe service schedule.

Let’s look at what the manufacturers say constitutes severe driving conditions and let you draw your own conclusions:

  • Most of your trips are less than four miles.
  • Most of your trips are less than ten miles, and outside temperatures are below freezing.
  • The engine is at low speed most of the time – not on the highway
  • You operate your vehicle in dusty areas
  • You regularly tow a trailer, carry heavy loads, or a car-top carrier
  • Stop and go driving
  • Driving in very hot or frigid weather

So you can see that a lot has to do with how you drive, but some have to do with where you drive. Some areas of the country will be more or less severe than it is here in Northeast, OH.

For many, normal driving includes elements of severe service driving. So how do you know? Picture a line with ‘regular’ on one end and ‘severe’ on the other, and make a judgment on where you fall.

If your regular oil change recommendation is 5,000 miles and the severe service recommendation is 3,000 – when should you change your oil? For some, it’s closer to 3,000 miles. For others, it’s closer to 5,000 miles. Your service advisor will be happy to have this discussion with you and help you sort it out.

If you drive where the air is dusty or polluted, fluids will become contaminated, and filters will get dirtier more quickly.

So make an honest evaluation of your driving conditions. You’ve committed to taking care of your vehicles, so it only makes sense to follow the right preventative maintenance schedule.

Give us a call for advice for your car based on your personal driving conditions:

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Oil Change

An oil change at your local Willoughby Hills OH auto shop: Sounds simple, but there are some pretty important things to know about preventing oil sludge.

Oil eventually starts to turn into jelly. Literally – petroleum jelly. Sludge clogs up oil passages and keeps oil from getting to some engine areas, causing parts to wear out prematurely. And that means expensive engine repairs.

That’s why you need to change the oil and oil filter on schedule – to get the old oil out before it turns to sludge. Your manufacturer will have a recommendation for how many miles you can go between oil changes. They also usually have several months between recommended oil changes (see article above). That’s because the detergents and other additives in the oil break down over time.

Your owner’s manual will have a recommendation for time and mileage, but you need to remember that it’s based on using the recommended weight of oil. And if your vehicle came from the factory with synthetic oil, the recommended intervals assume you continue to use synthetic.

Also, how you drive around Northeast Ohio can have a big effect. Most owner’s manuals will have a list of driving conditions that are harder on your vehicle. Things like stop and go driving in Willoughby Hills, short trips to Cleveland or even neighboring Mentor, driving in very hot or cold weather, heavy loads, and towing. If some of your driving fits this, you may need to change your oil and do other maintenance on a shorter schedule.

This may not sound very easy. Some vehicles in Ohio have an oil life calculator that takes all of these factors into account and tells you when you should change your oil. Otherwise, please talk with your Ohio service advisor at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair about how you drive and get her recommendation for when to take care of your service.

Finally, if any of the steering or suspension parts can be lubed, your technician at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair will take care of that with a lube, oil, and filter service.

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