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Why You Should Flush Out Your Power Steering Fluid

At some point or another, chances are good that you are going to have a problem with your car’s power steering system. These problems present themselves as strange noises, difficulty steering, or even strange smells. Even normal driving eventually wears down your power steering fluid. Power steering fluid starts off life as a clear substance, but like transmission fluid, with wear and over time, it breaks down and turns a dark brown, sludgy color. This is caused by particulates and debris and can damage your power steering system if you drive too far with bad power steering fluid.

At Willoughby Hills Auto Repair. our power steering flush not only replaces your worn power steering formula but also sweeps clean your system of any dirt or debris left by the dirty fluid. Any metals left behind in your power steering system are swept clean as well.

Most vehicles are recommended for a power steering flush every 30,000 miles, though if you have noticed leaks or sounds, you may want the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, to take a look before that milestone service is required.

Power Steering Service Willoughby Hills OH

It can be very easy to take your power steering for granted – when you turn the wheel, the car turns with it. But there is much more going on behind the scenes with your power steering.

Most modern vehicles these days have hydraulic power steering systems, which means that pressurized power steering fluid is helping do the work when you steer. A power steering pump pressurizes the power steering fluid, which moves through the system and helps you turn the wheel with ease. Sometimes, this pump is operated by the engine’s serpentine belt, other times it is powered by a separate electronic motor.

The problem with power steering is that over time, as we discussed, the hydraulic fluid can become contaminated with dirt and debris. It can also wear, turning it into a sludgy brown color.

Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, may, if you are having power steering problems, recommend having the power steering fluid flushed from your vehicle and replaced with a fresh batch. This process can help your power steering system last for far longer than it might have otherwise. If you’ve got power steering problems in WIlloughby Hills, OH, trust the experts at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair.

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