Six Signs of Transmission Problems With Your Car

Transmission problems can go from bad to worse quickly, and the bigger the problem, the more expensive it is to fix. Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding transmission problems. It doesn’t matter if you drive an automatic transmission or a manual one. Willoughby Hills Auto Repair can help with the service and repair that your vehicle needs. Here are signs you’ve got a problem in the transmission system somewhere.

Problems With Both Transmission Types

Whether you drive an automatic or a stick, the following symptoms could signal a problem with your car, truck, crossover, or SUV’s transmission system. Sometimes, the problem is caused by low and/or dirty transmission fluid. Other times, there could be gear damage or other wear that makes the transmission do one or more of the following things:

  • The transmission will not go into gear or hesitates to go into gear from neutral or park.
  • The transmission delays shifting from gear to gear or skips a gear in the shifting process.
  • The transmission slips out of gear, which results in power loss and high engine revs.
  • You’ve got transmission fluid, which is red and clear, leaking on your garage floor.
  • There’s a burning smell coming from the clutch or underneath your automobile.
  • You hear strange noises, such as buzzing, clunking, grinding, or humming.
  • Your car doesn’t have any power or loses power as the transmission slips out of gear.
  • Your check engine light came on while you’re driving and won’t turn off.

The latter can be confusing because the check engine light will come on for many reasons, one of which could be transmission problems. It’s important to get a diagnostic check done to determine why the check engine light is on.

Problems With Manual Transmissions Only

Alongside the above, manual transmissions will also show signs of trouble when you shift. You might hear the gears grind as you shift them even though you’ve been driving a manual for years and take pride in your ability to shift smoothly. You might also have problems with the clutch itself, including the location where it catches being lower or higher than normal.

Stop by Willoughby Hills Auto Repair or give us a call if you think your automobile has transmission problems. Call our Willoughby Hills, OH, auto repair shop to schedule an appointment so we can get you in and out quickly. We know you’re busy, and you can count on us for all of your auto repairs.

Photo by Pongasn68 from Getty Images via Canva Pro
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