Starter Problems Are No Match for Willoughby Hills Auto Repair

When the factory starter in your automobile goes bad, it’s no problem for Willoughby Hills Auto Repair to replace it with a new one. Your car, SUV, or truck needs the starter to, well, start. The starter turns the engine over and this critical motion allows the engine to draw the air and fuel it needs for combustion into the combustion chamber. The starter also sends electricity to the spark plugs so they ignite the air and fuel. Here are signs that your factory starter is going bad.

Pre-Ignition Clicking

If the starter is having difficulty turning over the engine, you may hear clicking before the vehicle starts. Another sound a faulty starter can make is whirring. If you do hear noise when you turn the ignition key and the engine actually starts, head straight to our shop for a new starter.

Non-Starting Engine

Failing to replace the starter may leave you with a dead engine. In addition, the starter may die without making any noise. As we mentioned in the introduction, the starter is crucial to your ignition system. If it cannot turn over the engine, the engine will never, ever start.

Lights That Work

Your initial thought as you sit with a dead engine may be that the battery is dead. It’s only natural to assume this. To check, look at your vehicle’s lights when they are on. If they are working and not dim, the battery is just fine. Your vehicle isn’t starting because of the starter.

Burning Odors

Another specific thing that points to the starter as the problem is burning odors coming from the engine. In fact, you may even see smoke floating out from underneath the hood. This is an indication that the starter motor has gotten too hot because you’ve tried to start your vehicle too many times.

Oil-Soaked Starter

Finally, you can expect about 100,000 miles (or a bit more) out of the factory starter. If you are having starter problems prior to this mileage milestone, it’s likely you have an oil leak in the engine. This can be a very bad sign that the head gasket has a crack and oil is soaking the starter. The motor oil will damage the starter motor and cause the need for a replacement starter.

Call Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, today to schedule a service visit for your automobile if you are having difficulties getting the vehicle started.

Photo by Difydave from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro