Starter Repair

If your car’s starter is on the fritz, your probably not going to make it very far. If your car is having issues getting started, the Willoughby Hills experts are the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair. We can make it so your car starts reliably the first time, every time.

Starter Repair Willoughby Hills OH

When you turn the key in your car, it signals the battery to release electricity. This travels to the starter motor and then the engine, turning it over or “cranking” it.

The starter motor and solenoid govern the process of ignition and firing your car’s engine. Working together, these two devices are what helps your car go from off to running with the turn of a key or the press of a button.

If you can’t quite get your car to start, or it seems like it wants to and just can’t, the starter may be at fault. There are a few other things we will check for in determining the problem.

Weak Battery: Sometimes a weak or dead battery is at fault when your car won’t start. If you turn the key and hear a rapid clicking noise, or the lights or dashboard flicker, you might have a weak battery on your hands.

Bad Wiring: For the electricity to successfully travel from the battery to the starter motor, good wiring is required. Heat and time can take a real toll on your car’s wiring, so this might also be a factor in why your car won’t start. Sometimes a simple rewiring can fix the problem – just like that.

Mechanical issues might also be at fault for why your car won’t start. The flywheel, which operates the crankshaft and pistons, is made up of interlocking teeth. As time passes, this part can wear out and cause the starter motor to malfunction.

Figuring out the problems with a starter motor and solenoid can be a real headache. Let the pros at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair in Willoughby Hills, OH, take a look at your car’s starter and starter motor. We can figure out the issue quickly and let you know exactly what needs to be done. We even offer towing to our shop – something you’ll need if your car won’t start. So if you can’t get your car started, let the experts at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair get you back on the road.


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