Tips to Ensure Your Next RV Trip Is the Best Ever

When you first bought your RV, your family loved the long trips. It was fresh, new, and even the kids had a good time. Now, the gloss is gone and you find that everyone is cranky by day two. You and your family can rekindle the original love you had for RVing. Just follow these tips offered by RV maintenance and repair experts Fleet Maintenance Services.

Stay Safe, Fed and Hydrated

Have your RV inspected before you hit the road to ensure it’s ready for the long trip. Pack a roadside emergency kit in the RV in case of emergency. Make certain you’ll have cell phone service along your route and plan for instances when you won’t. Give a trusted family member and friend your route and estimated arrival times at each destination. Check in with that person when you arrive. If you don’t check in, he or she can call for help and give the appropriate authorities your travel for that day.

Don’t eat junk food while you’re on your trip. Rather, keep everyone’s hunger at bay with healthy meals and snacks. When people load up on fatty junk food such as potato chips, hamburgers and fries, they get tired and cranky. Avoid sugary sodas and alcohol, too, as these drinks can affect stamina and mood. Rather, stay hydrated throughout the day with water – yup, good ole H2O. Also, avoid driving after dark if you can. Light helps to keep you alert behind the wheel as does staying hydrated.

Don’t Get On a Mission

You might be tempted to get on the road and not stop until you hit the first campground but that’s sure to increase tension. Stop frequently; every two to three hours. This not only allows everyone, including the dog if you bring it along, to get out of the RV for some fresh air and to stretch their legs; it also gives everyone a chance to take a restroom break, which will encourage them to stay hydrated. Some people won’t drink water if they’re embarrassed because they have to ask for frequent restroom stops.

Get out of the RV and move. Pick destinations along your route where everyone can walk around and enjoy themselves. While you’ve stopped, gas up to make sure you always have plenty of fuel. You never know when you might hit a long stretch of road without gas stations. If you need to add a couple of days to your trip to accommodate frequent stops, do so. The time you spend enjoying stops at fun places such as parks and eclectic roadside tourist destinations will increase the fun for everyone.

Fleet Maintenance Services in Great Falls, MT, can help you with the first tip. Call 406-205-2697 to schedule an RV inspection and service visit prior to your next family vacation.

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