Why Can I Suddenly Feel Every Bump in the Road?

If you are suddenly feeling every bump in the road and your car, truck, or utility vehicle keeps bouncing after you have driven over the bump, Willoughby Hills Auto Repair advises that it’s time for new struts and shocks. A bouncing car is one that has worn struts and shocks on the front and back wheels. This is just one sign that your vehicle’s suspension needs some TLC. Here are other signs.

Tilting, Squatting, or Lurching Forward

Motions that respond to your vehicle’s momentum are also signs that the struts and shocks have gone bad. For example, your automobile may tilt or lean when you turn around a corner. You may also feel the body of your vehicle squat when you press down on the accelerator. Finally, you do not want your automobile to lurch forward when you step on the brake pedal.

Shocks That Are Greasy to the Touch

You can also see if your shocks are going bad by touching them. If they have a greasy film on them, they are leaking. The shock absorbers will start to leak when they get too old. Bring your vehicle to our shop so we can install new shocks and struts, too, if the struts are bad.

A Corner That Sits Low on the Wheel

Have you ever noticed that one corner of your vehicle sits lower on one wheel? This is actually a bad sign. This is a symptom of a broken suspension spring. You may end up with a broken spring if you don’t have your suspension inspected every 15,000 miles. The wheel on which the spring is broken will make loud noises when you drive over bumps until you replace the spring.

Problems Steering the Automobile

Suspension problems include the steering system, so if you are having issues trying to steer your vehicle, you need a suspension inspection. It could be that the axle has a crack in it, or it could be that the steering column needs to be replaced. We’ll find the problem and fix it.

Side-Pulling When Driving Straight

Finally, once last suspension problem of note is poor wheel alignment. This will cause your automobile to veer to the side when you are driving straight. You will also have a crooked logo on the steering wheel, but that isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing is that misaligned wheels make it difficult to control your vehicle.

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Photo by tarasov_vl from getty images via Canva Pro